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 Thanks for visiting the home of Four Cats and a Chick . Check this page often as it is updated regularly with new gigs. Also, our gig history can be seen by scrolling down the page. So far this year, here is where you will be able to see us:



In 2016:


June 5th,

a Sunday afternoon show @ Fionn McCool's Pub, Ajax, Ontario, from 1:00 to 5:30 PM

..a farewell concert for bassist Ralston Green and his wife, Carol, and their daughters, who are moving to Fredericton. 

36 Kingston Rd E, Ajax, Ontario L1Z 1G1


 In 2015: 

October 25th @ Private  Anniversary Party in Whitby  


October 18th, cancer fundraiser....@ The Black Bear Pub in Ajax  1:00 - 5:00 pm


October 17th, @ The Black Bear Pub in Ajax  8:00 pm-!:00 am 

 570 Westney Road South #21, Ajax, ON L1S 3K7)


April 11th, an afternoon fundraiser @ Fionn McCool's Pub in Ajax   2:00-5:30 PM




 In 2013:
July 7th, 2013  : 4-10:00 pm Recreation Hall, Wilmot Creek Estates, Newcastle, On.  


 July 20th, 2013 - private party, Brooklin



July 27th, 2013 - private party  Richmond Hill


  Oct. 19th, 2013:  7:30 pm  DIA Annual Hallowe'en Dance, Big Room, Annandale Golf and Curling Club, Ajax, On.




In 2012:



April 14th  - Private gig, Ajax Wanderers' Rugby Asociation Club House (cancelled)



 June 16th - a Saturday night @ Trinity Irish Pub and Restaurant, Whitby                   http://www.trinityirishpub.ca/



July 20 - private party, Brooklin



June/July - private gig, Oak Ridges (exact date pending)



July 14th - private party, Chemong Lake



September 22nd - a Saturday night @ Trinity Irish Pub and Restaurant,                              Whitby          http://www.trinityirishpub.ca/



October 27th - DIA Hallowe'en Dance, Annandale Golf and Country Club, Ajax                                 Tickets available




    In 2011:
  January 28th, 2011 - a Friday night @ Melanie Pringle's Bar in Whitby

March 26th, 2011      - a Saturday night @ The Dubliner Pub in Whitby
June 17th, 2011        - private celebration,Oshawa Shriners' Hall, Oshawa
June 25th, 2011         - Waterfront Bistro, Pickering
 August 13th, 2011 -  Anniversary Dance (private function),Woodville Legion, Woodville, Ontario                             
Oct. 29th, 2011 - Hallowe'en Dance, Annandale Golf and Country Club, Ajax - tickets available
Dec. 31st, 2011 - New Year's Eve gig at Trinity Pub and Restaurant, Whitby
  In 2010:
  February 13th, 2010   - private function, community hall in                                                Durham Region
  May 28th, 2010        - private function, Brooklin
  June 13th, 2010   - J.P. Fitzpatrick's Pub, Whitby  2-6 PM                                                                                        
  July 1st, 2010   -       Ashburn Canada Day Celebrations,                               
  July 17th , 2010   -     Private Function, Chemong Lake, Bridgenorth, Ontario
 August 7th, 2010  - Jimmo's North Whitby Street Party      (tentative) 
 August  21st, 2010  - Chemong Lake Beach Dance,                                                     Bridgenorth, Ontario (tentative)
 September 11th, 2010 - Staff Party - Orono, Ontario                                                        (tentative)
 September/October 2010  - Waltzing Weasel Pub, Oshawa                                                    (date to be determined)              
  November 5th, 2010: The Dubliner pub in Whitby 9 PM-1:30 AM
 In 2009: (some exact dates to be determined)
  February 1st, 2009     - Kelley Benefit, J.P. Fitzpatrick's, Whitby (2:00 pm)
  February 28th, 2009    - private celebration, Whitby
  April 3rd, 2009          - private function, Oshawa
  April 10th, 2009         - Jack and Jill party, Masonic Hall,Brooklin
  April 24th, 2009         - Waterfront Bistro, Pickering
  May 30th, 2009          - St. Louis Bar and Grill, Ajax
  June 13th, 2009         - dance at J.P. Fitzpatrick's pub 
  June 26th, 2009         - Staff Party, Orono
  July 1st, 2009           - Ashburn Hamlet Canada Day Celebrations
  July 25th, 2009          - Jack n' Jill party (private)
  August 15, 2009          -North Whitby Street Party
  August 22nd, 2009      - Beach Dance, Chemong Lake
  October 24, 2009        - Private Party, Ajax
   In 2008:  
  April 20th, - J.P. Fitzpatrick's Pub, Whitby - introducing the band
  June 21st -  J.P. Fitzpatrick's Pub, Whitby
  June 26th -  Greens'Staff Party
  June 28th  - The Annual Antique Car Rally,Beaverton
  July 1st     - Ashburn Hamlet Canada Day Celebrations
  July 5th  -  60th Birthday Celebration, Chemong Lake, Bridgenorth
  August 16th - North Whitby Street Party
  August 23rd - Dance at Chemong Lake, Kawarthas
  August 30th - Cancer Benefit, Whitby Legion Hall  CANCELLED
  September 6th - Orono Outdoor Staff Party
  September 13th - J.P. Fitzpatrick's Pub, Whitby
  October 17th - Private party, Whitby
  October 31st - J.P. Fitzpatrick's Pub, Whitby  (Hallowe'en Dance)
 In 2007:
  July 1st, 2007 - Canada Day Party, Whitby
  Aug. 14th, 2007 - Brian Jimmo's North Whitby Street Party
  Sept. 5th, 2007 - Staff Party, Orono
  Dec. 31st - New Year's Eve Party, Brooklin




                 We are:


Sean English  - drums/vocals


Lonnie Bowering-Pederson  -  drums

Steve Garner  -     guitar/vocals

Ralston Green  -    bass guitar

Jon O'Mara -       guitar/harmonica/vocals

Becky Spillman -  vocals/percussion


                                       A Brief History

 Formerly known as The Goggs, which formed in late 2005, Four Cats and a Chickcontinues the tradition of providing hook laden, up tempo rock n' roll. With hit songs mostly from the 60's, 70's and 80's, the band 's playlist encompasses the full range of popular music, with instantly recognizable tunes that are rendered as close to the original recordings as possible, but with an FC&C flavour. If you are looking for a band for your restaurant/pub, social event, fair, vacation resort or other venue, call us. Our rates are extremely reasonable, so phone us or email us from this site. You can be assured of a memorable night of  rock with Four Cats and a Chick.


 Please Note:

While we strive to maintain accuracy and respect for the people portayed either in print or image, sometimes errors or omissions can occur. If you have any concerns, questions or complaints about this site, please contact  J. O'Mara, website administrator 

jon.omara@sympatico.ca  or go through our "Contact Us" page on this site.



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